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Pricing and savings

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About PGi (formerly Premiere Global Services)

PGi brings to chapters of PurchasingPoint® a range of competitively priced collaboration solutions, including 24 hour on-demand voice and web conferencing services.

Voice conferencing is provided by Global Meet Audio and Web services

The newest and biggest cost savings are our new bundled plans per Name Host, for our Global Meet platform

Audio, Web and Video Services


  • It's hard for me to remember all the web conferencing options. Can you explain them?
    Netspoke is PGi's own web conferencing product.
    ReadyCast is powered by WebEx.
    Acrobat Connect is an Adobe ConnectNow web conferencing product.
    VisionCast is powered by Microsoft's Live Meeting.

    Each web conferencing option offers audio integration with PGi's ReadyConference Plus. See below for more information about each service.
  • How long does it take to set up an account?
    There are two types of billing accounts with PGi. The first, an invoiced account, takes approximately 24-48 hours to establish. You will be sent a monthly invoice for conference call usage. If you prefer, a credit card billed account can be set up within 1-2 hours and all conference calls will be billed to your preferred credit card.


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